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2021 Events
September 10th. Tour to Golden Ears Park
A cool September weekday did not deter an enthusiastic group to participate in what will likely be our last tour for the year.
It was a short but scenic drive from Maple Ridge to Alouette Lake in Golden Ears Park.


Quite a contrast from the busy summer at Alouette Lake.
There was lots of parking and few people at the picnic grounds, which made for a peaceful afternoon. Thanks to Keith Meadows for organizing the tour.

August 7th 2021 Tech Session

After weeks of sunshine and heat, we chose a rainy day for our annual tech session at Scot McGiilivray's shop. Only 3 Model A's (including Scot's) were on hand but his large indoor shop was warm and dry. Lube jobs, timing, brakes, carb jet flow testing, wheel alignment and pizza were the order of the day.


Scot's lift made it easy to do a lube job and check underside components

Scot's Coupe, draped in an official LGMAC blanket, was used as a test bed to demonstrate timing and adjusting brakes

Gary adjusting distributor advance

Mike showing how to use his home-made toe-plates to check wheel alignment.
See Technical Tips page for more information.


July 13, 2021 - Lions Gate Model A Club
Visits the Burnaby Central Model Railway Museum

On Tuesday, July 13, 2021, twenty-five LGMAC members and their ten Model A vehicles converged on the Model Railway Museum in North Burnaby.
Hosted by LGMAC member and Model Railway Engineer, Brian Carlson, we were treated to a private behind-the-scenes look at the Museum’s member-owned locomotives and their workshop. Brian and his fellow engineers explained the various configurations of locomotive wheels and the details of train boilers, weight distribution, and tracks.


Following a relaxing picnic lunch on the Museum’s grounds, the BC Society of Model Engineers produced a delicious chocolate layer cake to welcome the LGMAC members.

And then it was onto the trains….







The group split in two and choose their rides – modern electric engine or a “Royal Hudson” steam locomotive. The engineers got up a head of steam and (after the obligatory safety warning about feet and arms) we chugged “Conga line” style behind the replica engines around the expansive grounds, over and under bridges and through the forest. After a return to the station, we all swapped trains and straddled the comfy cars for another long ride around the property. Great fun! And all the more meaningful because of the pre-trip lecture and up-close look at the locomotives and the repair shop

The warm sunny day made this run a great success. And, as we started up our Model As and headed for home, there were talks of returning some day with grandchildren and friends. Our thanks to Brian Carlson and the BC Society of Model Engineers for an enjoyable look at a bygone era for the young at heart in all of us.

July 7th, 2021

Don Homer organized a visit to Cedar Springs Parc


June 19th, 2021

A group of North Shore members, including Brian and Mary Carlson, visited Westerleigh Parc to the great pleasure of the residents.


June 19th 2021 - Meet and Greet at Scot and Cheryl McGillivray's

Our first group event for 2021. With the Provincial Covid restrictions relaxed, we were finally able to get out and enjoy our cars and the company of other club members. A peaceful setting to have lunch and take in the sunshine.

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