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November 30th. - the Edison and Ford Winter Estates

While on vacation in Florida, Mike and Trudy Chapman had the opportunity to visit the Winter Estate of Thomas Edison, Henry Ford's good friend and mentor, in Fort Myers. We thought it might be interesting to share our experience.

Thomas Edison built his winter home in 1886 in Fort Myers Florida. In 1916, Henry Ford purchased the home next door and the two, along with their families, vacationed there until Edison's death in 1931. Edison was first attracted to this site by native bamboo, which he had hoped to use as filaments in his light bulbs. He later did extensive research looking for a source of rubber that could be grown and produced quickly in the US. More than 17,000 plant species were tested until a suitable source was found in goldenrod. However, by that time, DuPont had developed synthetic rubber and the need for domestic rubber dwindled. The property, containing his laboratory, a museum, the Estates and vast gardens is now maintained and operated by the city.

Thomas Edison's Winter home. About 100 trees were lost when hurricane Irma passed through in September.

Interior of Henry Ford's home decorated for Christmas

The original 1916 Model T that Henry Ford gave to Thomas Edison.
The museum contains many of Edison's inventions.

Edison's botanical research laboratory, where his staff tested
plant materials in their search for a domestic rubber source.

Edison couldn't stop working, even while vacationing in Florida, and built his first laboratory on this site. Ford later purchased the entire building, including the dirt below it, and moved it to Greenfield Village in Dearborn Michigan. Apparently, the lab was then used by Ford engineers to secretly develop the V8 engine. Upon seeing the big hole left in the ground, Edison's wife had it turned into a garden. Edison's Menlo Park laboratory is also at Greenfield Village.

Statue of Henry Ford (larger than life)

An unrestored 1929 Model A in the garage. Henry kept a Model T on site and was driven around by a chauffeur.

Also in the garage, Santa ready to deliver some toys

After the tour, it was time for lunch at Ford's Garage in Fort Myers...

...and what else but a fabulous "Model A" burger
September 24th. Stanley Park Horse-Drawn Carriage ride and tour

Starting point for the tour was the Harbour Cruise parking lot where we lined up for the convoy to Stanley Park, under pleasant blue skies.

As soon as we parked a crowd of tourists quickly formed to take pictures.

Our host Gerry O'Neil directing traffic

Where's my crank handle gone?

All aboard!

OK we're ready to go - who's driving?

Off on our 1-hour narrated tour around Stanley Park. Gerry's magnificent Belgian and Percheron horses can easily pull the carriages around the mainly level roadway. He also has Clydesdales and Grey Shires.

After the carriage ride, it was off to the stables for our picnic lunch.

Gerry and his staff managed to get one of his beautiful horses to pose with the group.
We all had a wonderful time and thank Gerry for his hospitality.
August 27th. Garage Tour
Our day started off with a meeting at Willowbrook Mall in Langley, with 10 Model A's and a few modern's attending the run.

Our first stop was Gord Hill's shop, where he showed us some of his equipment for calibrating speedometers, surface grinding, brake drum surfacing, and babbitt and insert bearing cutting tools.

Even the ladies were impressed by how neat and clean his shop was.

Our second stop was Ken Findlay's shop where we viewed his impressive collection of antique cars.

Ken's 1909 Model T

1915 Mercer Sporting 4 Touring

1909 Renault

1912 Overland

1911 Stanley Steamer - originally owned by the City of Vancouver

1911 Model T

His other cars included a Packard, Dodges and more Model T's

On to Stan and Donna's place for a tour of his personal memorabilia collection and lunch under the welcome shade in their backyard.

Thanks to Stan & Donna, Gord & Joan and Ken Findlay for another great tour.
August 15th. tour to Monte Robinson's farm in Bow Washington

From Blaine, we headed south thru Bellingham to Chuckanut drive, which varies between dense tree cover
to narrow curves along the mountainside.

After a pit stop at Monte's we headed out on a tour of some local areas.
Our first stop was a creamerie where we sampled many flavours of cheese that they produce.

Rozema Boatworks in Bayview was constructing part of a catamaran ferry destined for San Francisco.
The intricate fabrication of the aluminum hull was facinating. They were also building a custom landing craft with 3 huge 300 hp outboard motors.

Back at Monte's, Dee and their family had a terrific barbeque lunch ready for us. We brought along a cake to supplement Dee's home cooked desserts.

Thanks go out to Monte, Dee and their family for hosting our club at their farm. It was truly a wonderful day and another great tour.
August 9th. tour to Mount Baker - Can-Am Challenge organized by Moon On A's

The meeting point was Rifugio's restaurant on Hwy 542 - Mount Baker Hwy.

The run was attended by clubs from Oregon, Washington and B.C.

A beautiful 1927 Lincoln as well as a nice modified roadster were there but did not travel up to Baker (it wouldn't have been fair).

The cars were sent on their way in groups of 10 so as not to hinder other traffic.

The road beyond the ski lodge had some steep drop-offs with no barriers - hug the centerline and don't look down!

A total of 41 Model A's, including 7 from our club made it to the top. It was much warmer than expected considering the snow still on the ground. Smoke from the BC forest fires obscured much of the distant mountains from view (the camera seems to have cut through the haze).

MAFCA "A-of-the-day" August 15th.

We enjoyed lunch at the summit before heading back down, going very easy on the brakes.

Thanks to Benny and the Moon On A's for organizing a great tour. Remarkably, the 'Ol Goat' made it to the top too!
July 22nd. Mystery tour to Mission

The tour started with 8 Model A's from the home of Ed and Susan Beye in Port Coquitlam and proceded east towards Mission along the scenic backroads.

An unscheduled "pit" stop at Stave Lake Dam to diagnose a clutch problem. We lost one car plus an escort from the tour.

Mystery stop #1 was at Westminster Abbey. Unfortunately the Abbey and church were closed today so we were only able to view the grounds.

After one last delay to fix a recurring case of backfiring, we ended up at Mission Springs Brewpub for a hearty lunch.
Thanks to Al Glen and Ed Beye for arranging the tour.


July 8th. Tour to Blenheim Lodge

We started with six Model A’s at the Boston Pizza restaurant in Ironwood Mall, Richmond (Al & Marion, Keith & Leslie, Gordon & Joan, Gordon & Heidi, Derek & Edete, and Ben).  While we lunched inside, we saw lots of activity around our cars – people looking and snapping pictures.  After a good meal, we were joined by a seventh A, driven by yet another Gordon, and we all set off down the Richmond dike and through Steveston like a parade.  No telling where the pictures of our cars will be shown around the world!  After crossing north, we ran along River Road passed the Airport and then over the Oak Street Bridge. 

One of our number (Keith) started experiencing motor trouble as we chugged up Oak Street, and after a brief stop, we decided to split up – four of the cars continued on the route while two cars (Al and Ben) stayed behind to work on Keith’s problem.  Four cars meandered through the quiet Kerrisdale residential streets and then out around Point Grey and past Spanish Banks, pulling into the lot at Blenheim Lodge just 10 minutes behind schedule.  The seniors from the Lodge came out to enjoy and reminisce as they examined our cars along with seven other classic and vintage cars from the VCCC and the Totem Clubs.  Coffee, pop, and donuts fuelled the conversations on the sunny, but comfortable afternoon. 

Leaving this mini-Show’n’Shine, the cars did a drive-by of the seniors at the front door and headed out with a wave and an AHOOGA to them.  Keith’s car was eventually handed over to the BCAA flat bed driver for a closer inspection at home, and we all pointed for home.  Another good run and another good turn done in our Model A’s.


Northwest Regional Meet - Coos Bay Oregon

A number of LGMAC members drove down to the meet. By all accounts they had a great time. Photos courtesy of Lilly Tillak.

One stop along the way for minor repairs.


June 24th. Tour and Club Picnic at The Glades, hosted by Jim and Elfriede DeWolf.

After a pleaseant drive through South Surrey, Crescent Beach and White Rock we ended up at Jim's place.

Enjoying our lunch in the beautiful gardens on a very hot afternoon

Club President Derek Morton presented Jim DeWolf with an engraved plaque in appreciation for his many years of service to the Lions Gate Club.
Over the years Jim has led tech sessions and seminars on everything from steering boxes to engine rebuilding, and provided machine shop services to club members.


June 19th visit to Westerleigh Parc Seniors Residence

4 of the 6 cars that turned out for the well-received visit from our club. One said that seeing the old cars made him feel good, which was the primary goal.

Motor discussion on Don's '29 Phaeton


Organizer Don Homer and our wonderful Hostess
June 14th tour to Squamish Railway Museum


Mother's Day at the Glades - May 14th.


Spring Tuneup Day April 15th.

About 18 members showed up but only one Model A (!) for the Spring tune-up at Al Glen's shop. We covered coil testing plus ignition timing using tried-and true manual methods demonstrated by Tom Spouse and Gary Morrow, and confirming settings with a timing light. The beautiful sunny spring day allowed us to enjoy lunch in Al's back yard. Thanks to Al for hosting the session and Frank Peacock for allowing us to tinker with his car.


January 21st. Carburetor Tech Session

Stan Rothstein hosted the tech session on rebuilding carburetors, and although intended as a hands-on workshop, it ended up as a very informative session on AR brakes and axles, the workings and tuning of Zenith carbs and a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon socializing amongst friends.

Stan's latest project is rebuilding the brakes on his 28 AR Pickup. The components are significantly different than on later models. The brake job led to disassembly of his front axle, where he found wear in the spindles and axle mounting holes.

Stan demonstrated the disassembly and cleaning of the Zenith carburetor. Al Glen and Gord Hill provided some additional tips and advice. Books by Gordon Biggar and Steve Pargeter provide excellent instructions. Additional tips can be found in the following article Performance Tuning of the Model A Zenith Carburetor

Carburetor jets are flow tested using this assembly that provides 36" water column pressure. Flow is collected for 1 minute and the volume compared to tables. The jet openings can be changed by soldering and re-drilling with very fine drill bits.

Transferring water to graduated cylinder for measurement


January 17th. Meeting

The first meeting of the year featured a discussion on rebuilding a front axle and it's components, by Al Glen.

The radius rod, or wishbone, is critical for keeping the front axle stable. The ball cup can be replaced if worn. The wishbone ball can also be built up by brazing and filing back to a smooth finish. Al does not recommend using the replacement rubber ball in the socket to make up for wear.

Al checks the front axle for twist using a straight edge against rods inserted in the axle holes.

The steering arm and spring perches should be checked for wear. If the balls are badly worn, reconditioned arms with new SS balls are available from Vendors such as Snyders and Brattons.

Assembled front axle and spring.
The replacement of any worn parts is important for maintaining proper wheel alignment and tight steering.

One of the numerous Model A "look-alike" taxis that Al saw on the streets of Cuba on a recent holiday.
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