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2012 Events





Newland's Golf and Country Club - December 2, 2012

We had a good turnout for the final get-together for 2012.
The food was excellent and a great time was had by all.
Unfortunately the weather wasn't very cooperative and only a couple of people brought their Model A's.

Santa stopped by and took orders for Model A parts.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all Lions Gate Model A Club members and friends.


Nov. 20, 2012 Monthly Meeting

Ron Olinoski gave a very interesting presentation on the history of the Robertson Screw Company.
For a brief outline of the story, click HERE


Lions Gate Model A Club - 2012 Vancouver Island Tour

Lions Gate Model A's at Craighdarroch Castle

The tour unofficially started early on Friday, Sept 21, 2012 with Dan & Ingrid Young inviting all those who arrived early for dinner at their place.  We had a great evening of socializing and getting caught up on current LGMAC affairs.   Unfortunately, Hugh Hunter’s Model A blew a head gasket just minutes prior to arriving at Dan & Ingrid Young’s home.  With a little teamwork, Hugh Hunter and Ted Belyea were able to get Hugh’s Model A back on the road the very next day.



Day 1, International Model A Day, September 22, 2012 – The tour group met at the Cedarwood Inn in Sidney, and although there were some real concerns about the weather, the sun did manage to break through resulting in a beautiful picture perfect fall day.  







From the Cedarwood Inn we headed off for Craighdarroch Castle in Victoria, traveling numerous country roads through Central Saanich then onto Cordova Bay, Mt. Douglas Park, Cadboro Bay, The Uplands, Oak Bay and finally arriving at Craighdarroch Castle.  Our Model A’s became an instant hit with the many tourists visiting the castle.  Cameras quickly came out of pockets and purses for what turned out to be a bonus photo opportunity for numerous Italian, Japanese and American visitors.





From the castle we headed off for Matticks Farm, a local hot spot for lunch.  The management of Adrienne’s Restaurant & Tea Garden had been alerted earlier and was waiting for us when we arrived.  Even the cook dropped his cooking utensils for a few minutes to come out to see the cars!   Some of our members managed to slip in an ice cream cone from Adrienne’s Ice Cream shop next door.  






After all the ice cream was devoured, we proceeded on to our next stop, the Sea Cider Farm & Ciderhouse in North Saanich for an hour of cider tasting.  Many of our members quickly found cider tasting a very unique and enjoyable experience.  Most members left with a bottle or two of varying ciders; one couple was so impressed they reportedly bought a case! 




We continued our tour to the Muse Winery a few miles away in Deep Cove.  What does one do at a winery you ask? Oh yes, wine tasting and that’s exactly what we did. We managed to sip our way though a number of white and red wines.  Once again, a number of wines were purchased for future enjoyment.

Finally, we polished off the day with dinner at the Bistro Suisse in Sidney, a local European restaurant, which specializes in European dishes and deserts.  Several of the ladies and gents dressed in era fashions for the occasion. 

The raffle winners were Brian and Mary Carlson – Sea Cider/Rum Runner, Al & Suzanne Glen – Muse Winery/Cabernet Merlot, Tom & Joan Spouse – Rogers Chocolates, Christine Heselton – Mirror Compact, congratulations!  In all everyone had an interesting day, even Toddles!


Day 2, with the sunny warm weather continuing, our group once again met at the Cedarwood Inn.  A more relaxed day was planned with a short trip to the Butterfly Gardens and Butchart Gardens in Brentwood.  Butterfly Gardens was quite a unique experience with an indoor tropical setting of plants, butterflies, birds, turtles and fish. 







From Butterfly Gardens we proceeded a few minutes down the road to Butchart Gardens for lunch and a walk through the world famous gardens.



We would like to thank all those who attended this tour!

Carl & Donna Becker


Sept. 1, 2012 - Ross MacLeod's 1929 Super Snowbird on display at the Crescent Beach Concours D'Elegance
July 2012 Events

Minter Gardens - July 15, 2012

Stan and Donna entered their 1928 Model A truck along with ‘Moe, Larry and Curly’ with their ‘Stooges Garden Service’ in the 10th annual Minter Gardens car show. David Graham entered his ’31 Town Sedan and Margie entered her ‘65 Poppy red Mustang. The show is sponsored by the Fraser Valley British Motor Club and do a bang-up job of it. Minter Gardens is an absolutely gorgeous spot  in Rosedale B.C., a perfect venue for a classic car show.  As the morning progressed the rain started, and lasted most of the day. Due to the weather, a few cars did not show up, but the ones that did were superb.





Upon entry( no entry fee is charged) each driver is given a ballot to chose the best car in each class. The domestic drivers choose the winners in the import classes and the import drivers chose the winning vehicles among the domestic classes. The paying public receives a ballot upon entering to choose ‘People’s Choice Award’ from all of the beautiful entries.

David Graham won the 3rd place trophy for class A – Domestics pre 1940. Stan and Donna won 2nd in class A.




After all was done the People’s  Choice Award  was announced by Erin Minter, Brian Minter’s daughter and manager of the Gardens. Considering all of the Rolls Royces, Jaguars, Bentleys, etc, entry number 101 was announced. Stan’ s Model A truck! This just goes to show that people love The Three Stooges and Model A Fords over those high-brow fancy vehicles.
Congratulations Dave, Margie, Stan and Donna.


Bowen Island Tour - Sunday July 8th.

The Lions Gate club was invited to display our cars as part of the Steamship Days celebration on Bowen Island. 13 cars and about 26 members and friends turned out to enjoy the sunshine on the warmest day of the year so far.


After leaving the ferry, our first stop was the Artisan Square, where we parked for a while and relaxed while the visitors admired the cars. We then moved to the lawn at Snug Cove, where the cars formed a backdrop to various activities during the afternoon. While the public admired our cars, we headed straight for the barbeque.


Julie Lansiquout was smart to bring a parasol to protect
herself from the hot sun.
Terry and Christine Heselton decided to cruise over in their "modern" vehicle rather than their Model A.





Our thanks go out to Rod March of the Bowen Island Chamber of Commerce for their generosity and invitation to attend this event, and to John Willis for organizing the tour.


Kraze Legz Winery teamed up with the 1912 Lakeside Restaurant in Kaleden, BC for a special promotion on July 7th.  The event was fashioned around a Roaring 20’s theme with many attendees coming in period dress.  Club members Bill and Lynn drove their 1930 Model A Pickup over from Hedley, BC where they own a Bed and Breakfast (pictured).  Brian and Mary had their 1930 Town Sedan up to Penticton, BC (pictured) and also drove over to Kaleden.  Festivities included a gourmet dinner by Flambe Catering complemented with a course by course wine tasting.  Attendees were impressed with the Lions Gate Club coming to their event and lending an authentic air to the festivities.  Another Model A event allowing for outreach to an appreciative public.



June 2012 Events

June 2nd marked the 100th Anniversary of the District of West Vancouver.  An elaborate event was held down at Ambleside Park which included an impressive number of vintage vehicles dating right back to the founding of West Vancouver that were spread over close to a mile.  Numerous venues featured all manner of entertainment including folk and contemporary music, stage shows, children’s events, police dog training and military exercises.  Lunch provided an opportunity to sample a wide variety of vendors.  Lions Gate members were out to celebrate with a total of eight Model A’s.  John Willis brought his 1931 Slant Window out for a test of his newly overhauled engine.  Simon Scott drove down four cars including his Roadster.  The weather was great and dogs were out in great force.  Hope the club members are ready to attend again in another hundred years.



May 15, 2012 - Monthly Meeting


John Haddon gave a very informative presentation on rebuilding water pumps. For details of John's methods and recommended parts to use, see Technical Tips page.

Also, Brian outlined the current "Tax on Designated Property" that is applied to used car sales to make up for the previous PST and GST, and the efforts underway to get this eliminated when the HST is repealed. Stay tuned for more information on how you can voice your opposition to this tax.

March 20, 2012
Brian Carlson presents an engraved crystal plaque to John Haddon in recognition of his service as president of the Lions Gate Model A Club from 2009 to 2011.
Brian and John


Barrett-Jackson - Scottsdale, Arizona - by Stan & Donna Rothstein

  Lions Gate Members attend Barrett-Jackson Auction in Scottsdale. Stan and Donna Rothstein went to the Barrett-Jackson Auction in January to check it out. The size of the venue was over-whelming. The variety of the vehicles being presented for sale was amazing.    
There really are other cars there other than Camaros, Mustangs, Chevelles, and Hot Rods! The quality of the vehicles was out-standing. There was no junk there!Lots of things to see in the display areas such as gas pumps, artwork, jewelry, garage set-ups, and so on. Ford and GM had a sizable display as well as other venders offering everything from paint to airplanes.  
  On an outing to Old Scottsdale one day, as a coincidence, we met John Roulstone and his new fiancé Maureen Kipp in a restaurant. We had lunch together and discussed all that we had seen at the auction.    

There were some bargains there in the beginning of the week or in the early part of each day. Some prices certainly wouldn't cover the restoration costs. Other cars went extremely high as the week wore on. A few Model A's crossed the block-a good dollar was spent for them.
'31 roadster(rough) $48,950, '30 panel Truck-$30,800, AA tanker $44,000, '29 tudor Snow Bird $66,000! 1930 Packard Phaeton $$132,000, (top price of the show) 1947 Tucker bid to $2,650,000.00-with buyers fee added-$2,950,000.00. Go to www.barrett-jackson.com to view all the vehicles and selling prices.    
  Stan and Donna made a "Hot" purchase! A two foot hot-dog- $12.00    

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