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August 29th, 2009 - LeMay Museum Tour - Article by Lois Williams
A Big thank you to the Pacific A's for inviting our members to join them on a bus tour to the LeMay Museum! Earlier this year, the Pacific A's invited the Lion’s Gate Model A’s to join them on a tour to the LeMay Car Museum in Tacoma, Saturday August 29th. We had 15 LGMAC members on board. Our day started out in the dark at the home of Mike Breed, but by the time we got on the highway heading south it was pouring rain! Some were definitely not dressed for wet weather so there was much trepidation as we got closer to the venue. This single day of the year is the only time that the LeMay society opens the LeMay private home acreage to the public, as well, on this one day of the year, car clubs are encouraged to bring their specialty cars (plus other rolling stock) for viewing and some limited judging. There was also an auction taking place undercover at the Mary Mount Academy grounds where the displays of the LeMay collection can be viewed year round. When we arrived at the Mary Mount Academy we were encouraged to view the home acreage first as to not miss this once yearly opportunity, shuttle buses were provided all day long for going between the two places. We all piled into a school bus for the 2 mile drive to the home of the LeMay’s. Harold LeMay, now deceased, started collecting cars at a rate of one a week for 40 years. Along with the car collecting he also collected most everything else related to vehicles plus ventured out into other items. There are fire trucks, signs, gas pumps, wheels, tools, bicycles, motorcycles then onto household items dolls, salt and pepper shakers, meat grinders, early farm implements, cash registers… the list could go on and on! I think every one of our group was blown away by the masses of things to view, the organizational skills of the volunteers, the cleanliness of the displays. This is one amazing place! Then when we returned to the Academy grounds there were the LeMay cars in the 1000’s to view, all neatly parked under cover with many stories attached to windshields to read through as to where they were found or how they came to LeMay’s collection. On top of all this were the private car owners from the many different clubs from antique bicycles to the rare cars to the teardrop trailers (one of my favourite displays…well, except for the ‘A’s’ of course!). The weather had cleared from rain to just grey skies by the time we came from the private home area so we were all smiling at the change in climate. I don’t think any one of us came away with less than utter amazement that one man with the help of his family was able to collect and now allow viewing on this absolutely stunning collection of vehicles ranging from the prototype of the very first car to ones from the 1980’s. If you ever get the chance to get to this museum do it…it’s one of a kind and well worth stopping in.


Pacific A's & Lions Gate Members

Lillian & Mike Breed, Margie & David Graham

Galloping Gerties Model A's

Lions Gate & Pacific A guys having a break!

Rare cars with rare hood ornaments
Overwhelming number of cars & collectable's to see!

Cars stacked where ever possible!
Rare Taxi Cab - Sponsored by the Galloping Gerties

Individual Classic & Collector cars everywhere!
Rare Donald Duck bike?

Gorgeous Model T
Nash Metropolitan with tear drop trailer

Fords stacked in multi-levels
Al Glen enjoying a good ride!

Looks like a mischievous bunch!
A very rare "Moon" car - Nicely restored!

Nice original "Moon" radiator badge
moonbackBack shot of rare "Moon" car

True Story by Lois Williams

I thought I'd share this story of my parents with see, I've never seen a Moon car before and rather thought it a figment of my mom's imagination...but here there was a beauty of a car at the park and it was a MOON car. My mom and dad married in the early 30's and when they were wed, mom's story goes,  they had a $5 bill to their name but dad had a Moon car so they did have transport. On the 50th wedding anniversary her story told this and then she ended that part of the story with "when got the SON we had to sell the MOON" now I've seen an actual Moon car and I'm happy to know mom wasn't 'spoofing' me! Although I can categorically say, that my dad's car would NEVER have looked like this one...not one of our cars in my life looked as spiffy as this one! I told the lady owner, of the car at LeMay, my parents story and she had a tear in her did I!

Unique bikes on display

Brian Hatch staying in communication
For more information on the LeMay Museum, click on the following link. LeMay Museum


August 26th, 2009 - Dave Kettler & Rob Taylor make the CTV News.

Wednesday, August 26th Dave Kettler & Rob Taylor decided to test drive the newly improved "Sea to Sky" highway to Whistler in Dave Kettler's 1929 Model A Phaeton. Along the way they noticed a "CTV" crew filming the new highway. Without giving it much thought, the CTV crew passed them and stopped a short distance down the road. The CTV crew then flagged down Dave and Rob for an interview about the new highway. Before they new it, the CTV camera guy jumped into the car and they were off filming the new highway from the back seat. For more on this story, watch the CTV video by clicking on the following link. (note, short commercial plays first).

Dave Kettler & Rob Taylor make the CTV News (link)


August 21st, 2009 - Versatile Model A Report by Jim DeWolf
I have a little bit of a fun thing to report regarding John Haddon's Phaeton and the amazing versatility of that Model A design. I needed to purchase rain gutters for my Model A garage and I calculated that four gutters 16 feet long would work out with no waste. But how to get such long pieces home - very hard to transport on a pickup and just a little long for my car, so I contacted John and he informed me that his great little car can handle the job. The results are attached for your viewing pleasure, and possibly inserting in the web site. All I can say is what a great car these model A's are. And there they are all installed and ready for the rain. All around, a job well done thanks to the "A" and Johns' continuing support.

My best regards,

Jim DeWolf


August 15th, 2009 - Burnaby Village Museum "Going to the Races"
The early morning turned out to be cloudy and it was questioned if we were to make the trek at all, but once on the grounds it was a sunny day till leaving again at 3 pm when the drizzle started.


About 17 of our club’s ‘A’s” showed up along with a few from Pacific A’s and 2 of the restored vehicles from the Heritage Museum so it was a good display for the Museum visitors to walk around and take photos of. The Heritage Museum is well worth the visit as they are not only very generous in hospitality concerns but the Park itself is a’ history to walk through’ with the store fronts and old tram restored to original (or maybe better than original) condition.

The buildings mostly contain era 1925 costuming and goods so as it’s quite near our own era with the “A’s” it gives us a better idea of what life looked like back in the mid 20’s.

We happened on a day that the Park called “Going to the Races” and they had adult tricycle races, unicycle races and many other interesting games going on throughout the Park all day long.

There were also 4 weddings scheduled on this particular Saturday in the vintage Church, making things quite jolly as well as the guides in each building dressed to the era. The Park supplied coffee and treats to the club members on arriving and a sandwich lunch with dessert and pop/water and coffee at noon.

We, of course, supplied our wonderful cars for the Park goers to admire, and a few car owners dressed in era fashion so that made the day even more fun for onlookers. This is a highly recommended visit for anyone wanting an interesting day out, there is always some theme planned for weekends and they certainly appreciate the club’s cars being on display. This Park is going to be the new meeting place for our Lion’s Gate Club monthly meetings on Tuesday evenings AND this is the Grand Tour destination for the 2010 Convention! Article written by Lois Williams.


Burnaby Village Museum - How much? Dig deep Jim!  

Burnaby Village Museum - General Store  
Burnaby Village Museum - How many horses under that hood?  

Burnaby Village Museum - Lions Gate and Pacific A club members enjoying a great day together at the Burnaby Village Museum!

A big thank you to the Burnaby Village Museum for inviting both the Lions Gate Model A Club and The Pacific A's Model A Club to participate in this years "Going to the Races" event! Members from both clubs had a great time!

Burnaby Village Museum


August 3rd, 2009 - Lions Gate Model A Club Picnic
Road tour on B.C.’s Birthday weekend with the Lion’s Gate Model A’s August 2nd, 2009 - Our club’s annual B.C. long weekend tour started at the Colossus Theater parking lot in North Langley where about 17 ‘A’s’ met up plus one ‘newbie’ a ’57 Buick. We got our instructions from David Graham as to our route and off we drove, promptly at 10 am. We toured through Langley and into Fort Langley, past the old Fort with lots of oohs, aahs and photo ops from the tourists gathered along the way. Heading along River Road and up into Aldergrove area, then into Abbotsford. Our mid way stop was to the Redekop farm on Bradner Road to view the collection of John Deere tractors and other well maintained equipment. This was a brief stop but very worth the looking around at an amazing grouping of all years of ‘Deere’ rolling stock. Then our pages of instructions took us north on Bradner Road and through the unique community of Bradner where in the spring hundreds of acres are devoted to the daffodil industry. Lots of looks from the farmers along the way watching our caravan of “A’s” – I think we create quite a bit of nostalgic memories for folks as we travel in tour formation. Then we landed in time for lunch at the Graham’s Farm, Cougar Welding is the farm’s name and lunch was our aim! Dave and Margie have quite a collection of old equipment to look at, one old truck sitting under a pseudo garage setting is very picturesque, a poop spreader made into a planter, and an old Chrysler shell just waiting for Dave’s attention to get it into running condition. The ‘boys’ on the tour always enjoy looking into the welding barn as well as the garages storing vehicles and their accessories. We sat in the shade and had a wonderful time socializing and enjoying a homemade lunch of farm raised beef burgers, beef sausages and sweet corn. All the trimmings included as well as ice cream cones for desert. Nothing could be finer than an outing with Model A friends that ends with wonderful comradeship and good food. Thanks to our hosts the Grahams and to John Haddon our burger turner extraordinaire! We also would like to give special mention to some new tour friends, Teri and Steve Hill who came along from Agassiz just to see how much fun we have together, they drove their ’57 Buick and also own a ‘T’ … we’ll have to see if we can encourage them to get an ‘A’ to round out their collection. And also a special welcome to Greg Pernitsky and his young son who really fit in well and hail from the Chilliwack area, as we drove out to head home Greg had his car’s hood up and was tweaking the engine making sure all was running in good shape for the drive home. Greg and his family are our newest members of the Lion’s Gate Model ‘A’s’. Welcome aboard and hang on-- you are in for a great ride! "Contributed by Lois Williams "


August 3rd, 2009 - David and Margie Graham - Lions Gate Model A Club Picnic & Tour stopped at Len Redekops private collection of "John Deere" tractors. Considered to be one of the largest private collections of John Deere tractors in British Columbia.

Len Redekops Tractor Collection - Looks like there all restored and ready to work!  

Lloyd & Vivien Olson enjoying the day in their 1928 Tudor.


John Haddon our burger turner extraordinaire!  

Great Food, Great Friends.



Thanks once again to Margie
and David Graham for hosting such
a super Lions Gate Model A Club


Sidney Day Parade - July 1, 2009

Bob & Karren Crowley hosted the second annual Sidney Model A Parade run in Sidney, B.C. The weather was picture perfect with a slight cool ocean breeze. Eight Model A's and 11 Model T's turned out for the parade. Bob & Karren treated the group to coffee, fresh Fruit, danishes and good fun! Thanks Bob & Karren for a great day! For additional coverage and photo's, review the "Recent Events" and "Era Fashions" area's. 070109

Top row, Bob Crowley, Donna & Carl Becker, Susanne Glen, Sheila, Ingrid & Dan Young, Ted Baker. Bottom row, Al Glen, Karren Crowley, Werner Faust and Jane Baker. 070109

Model A's verses Model T's
Darryl and Beth Watkins from the Van Isle A & B Club
joined in for the fun!
July 1, 2009 - Canada Day Parade, Sidney, B.C. The city of Sidney, B.C. hosted one of their largest ever Canada Day Parades. Local Lions Gate Model A members arrived in force with 8 Model A's. 11 Model T's joined in with our group for a total of 19 vintage Fords! Special guests Al & Susanne Glen traveled over from Surrey to join in the fun. Dan and Ingrid Young loaned their 1931 restored Model A Sedan to Al & Suzanne for the day. After the parade we dropped in on a local favorite fish & Chip establishment for a good feed of fresh Halibut and Chips. Great fun was had by one and all! 070109

Town Criers from as far away as Florida traveled to Sidney for the Canada Day Parade! 070109
Carl & Donna Becker with their 1931 Canadian Built Deluxe Roadster on the parade route.....Watch out for flying candy! 070109


June 13, 2009 Polland Tour - Hosted by David & Margie Graham
David and Margie Graham hosted a tour to Dave Polland's private car collection, then onto the Spaghetti Factory for a delicious lunch! Picture perfect weather, Model A's neatly lined up ready to roll. 071309

The tour stopped in at the local Spaghetti Factory for a delicious lunch and exchange of stories. 071309

Beautifully restored & original T-birds 071309

Anyone for a spin? 071309

More eye candy! 071309

Great wall murals! 071309   Wallscene

How about a lift, someone, anyone? 071309   Theselton  

Saturday, May 2, 2009 marked the first seasonal tour for the Club visiting the Teamsters BC Transportation & Freight Museum in Port Coquitlam. There were 12 Model A's in attendance, as 26 members and guests benefited from a guided tour of the Museum and explanation of the history of the various trucks, as offered by Bob Nairn, Mac Robinson and Dick Parton, all volunteers and restorers at the Museum. The Museum must be commended for their excellent presentation of vintage working vehicles, some restored, others at various stages of restoration. Thanks was extended to President and Curator Norm Lynch for extending an invitation to the Lions Gate Club, as it was a highly "successful" kick-off to the touring season. 050209




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