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LGMAC Christmas Party - Dec. 6, 2015


PARK ‘n’ RIDE September 27th.

September 27th was a day made for touring – crisp sunny blue sky, the leaves of Autumn beginning to blush into reds and browns, and fourteen Model A’s putting into a parking lot at the entrance to Vancouver’s picturesque Stanley Park.  It was the last tour of the season for the Lion’s Gate Model A Club and 29 members joined up at the meeting point for a day in the Park.

Some were in period attire, while others arrived more comfortably dressed.  Our host, Gerry O’Neil, gave instructions and we lined up for a short parade down Georgia Street and into Stanley Park.  The tourists and local visitors snapped pictures and videos as we added a chorus of “AHOOGAs” passing the rose gardens and looping into the parking lot where Gerry had coned off spots for us. As we climbed out of our cars, Park-goers gathered around to ask questions and take selfies with these memories of a long-ago time.

We left them to admire and we climbed onto a couple of horse-drawn open carriages for an hour-long narrated ride around the East half of Stanley Park. 

Although most of us have lived in and around Vancouver for many years, there were still new things to learn about this world-famous natural oasis in the middle of a major metropolis.  You might know that the Park is named after Lord Stanley (anyone heard of the Stanley Cup?), but did you know that we have the fears of World War I to thank for its existence?  Our guide, Edna, recounted how the Canadian government had established this plot of land, hemmed on three sides by water at the entrance to the Vancouver harbour, as a military site to protect the city from possible invasion from….well, from the United States.  After the War, the government agreed to keep the site as a perpetual parkland.  So, Vancouver has the USA to thank for the existence of this old-growth forest jewel.

Grit and Pepper, our two draft steeds, pulled us on past Dead Man’s Island with spectacular views of the West-End of Vancouver, a left turn at Hallelujah Point, where in the early days the Salvation Army would gather to sing hymns that would echo out across the water, and over to the North side of the Park with its views of the majestic North Shore mountains and the Lion’s Gate Bridge.  John Lenihan, a professional videographer, kept pace with the carriages (as in, he ran beside, around, and ahead of us for the hour) and recorded the events of our day – you can see our Model A parade and horse-drawn tour at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbIHAER2vcQ.

Back at our cars, we started them all up (yup, no dead batteries so far), and made an impressive parade at 15 mph around the entire five-mile road circuit of Stanley Park.  There were lots more pictures by tourists (I wonder where in the world our cars will be seen?).  Only one of the members took a wrong exit in the main traffic circle and had to back up to rejoin the line.  Then, we were on to the stables of the horses for a picnic meal on a make-shift table (the table cloth was this morning’s newspaper taped down) and hay bales for benches.  The carriage ride and lunch were generously provided by our host, Gerry O’Neil, who operates the Stanley Park Horse-Drawn Tours.

Did I say, no dead batteries?  There was just one at the end of the day, but a quick push – in reverse! – and he was set for the trip home (with no stalls on the way, hopefully).  We headed out one by one to enjoy the rest of the early-Autumn sun in a cloudless blue sky – always a cherished time in Vancouver – with great memories of the beauty of Stanley Park and the treat of seeing it from a Model A.

Derek Morton
(Photos by Derek Morton and Ralph Bower)


Sea-to-Sky Adventure Tour - August 12, 2015

We had a great turnout for the tour from North Vancouver to Shannon Falls and the Sea-to-Sky Gondola.
Thanks to Don Homer and Ken Kilby for organizing the tour.


Model A Club group starting out from St David's Church, West Vancouver

First stop at garage tour of classic & antique cars at Klahanie Campground, Shannon Falls, led by Ken Kilby

John Wiillis & Lilly Tallak at antique car garage, Klahanie Campground, Shannon Falls

Photographer Ralph Bower at antique car garage, Klahanie Campground, Shannon Falls

Model A cars in front of antique car garage, Klahanie Campground, Shannon Falls

Group in front of antique car garage, Klahanie Campground, Shannon Falls

Model A cars at base of Sea-to-Sky gondola, Squamish

John Willis & Ben Tillak at base of Sea-to-Sky gondola, Squamish


Gary Plato, Don Homer, Ron Price & John Willis at base of Sea-to-Sky gondola, Squamish

Lloyd & Vivien Olson at base of Sea-to-Sky gondola, Squamish

North Vancouver Island Tour - July 13 - 18, 2015

Organizer – Hugh Hunter

Our tour participants were Hugh and Penny Hunter, Ted Belyea, Ben Tillak and Al Glen, Gord and Joan Hill, and Tom and Joan Spouse.

We met at the Best Western Hotel in Campbell River on July 13th.

The first tour day was July 14th.  We visited the new suspension bridge at Elk Falls, then on to the Heritage Maritime museum to view the seine boat that was featured on our old $5 bill. We then toured the local Campbell River Museum for more history of the area.

July 15th was a travelling day to Port McNeill with stops along the way at Sayward for lunch at the Cable House Cafe where there are many antique logging artifacts.  Then we were off to Skogan’s restaurant for Cinnamon buns and then on to Woss (Western Forest Products logging Community and camp) to view the old Railroad locomotive.  We arrived at our base in Port McNeill in the afternoon.

On July 16th we took off for a short drive to Telegraph Cove and took in the sights and history of the old sawmill site. We had a brief stop at Beaver Cove Dry Land Log Sort viewpoint to watch the train loads of logs being processed and dumped into the booming ground log pond. 

The afternoon run to Coal Harbour was highlighted by a tour of the old WW11 aircraft hanger and historical museum.  The owner of the property (Joey) was on hand to give us a first class tour of his historical treasures from the whaling days there. We had a wonderful dinner in Port Hardy and later did a run around the town.

July 17th we headed out for a look at the little historic pulp mill town of Port Alice. We returned to Port McNeill that afternoon to let the ladies do some shopping.

We departed for home on July 18, stopping at Skogans in Sayward for more Cinnamon buns and coffee.

After arriving in Campbell River we went our separate ways.

A good time was had by all with no breakdowns.



Columbia Valley Tour - July 5, 2015

Organized by Terry and Christine Heselton

Terry and Christine chose the hottest day of the year to lead the LGMAC tour through the Fraser Valley to Cultus Lake and the Columbia Valley.
Tom and Joan Spouse met Christine and Terry at Burnaby Lake at 9:15. The two Model A’s drove to Cloverdale where they were joined by Gordon & Joan Hill and Jim Dewolfe who was riding with Ben’s Phaeton. It broke down as the group left Tim Horton's, but within minutes a blown fuse was replaced and they were on their leisurely way to the first stop at the BC Telephone Museum in Aldergrove.

The museum is very well done and interesting. They even have a copy of an old BC Telephone employee magazine "Telephone Talk", Issue January 1944, with a cover picture of Terry’s father in his full RCAF uniform congratulating him for being the first BC Telephone employee to be decorated in WWII. Terry’s father received the Distinguished Flying Cross. The Museum volunteer was very hospitable and let the group park their Model A's on the front lawn of the Museum for a vintage photo op! See accompanying photo…

Around 1:00 o’clock the group stopped at Cultus Lake for a nice picnic on the beach, then headed up into the Columbia Valley for a quick circle route. By 3 pm they were headed back through the Valley, with the necessary stop for ice cream. The Heselton’s pulled into their driveway in Burnaby at exactly 6pm.

The day had been very hot, and couple of the Model A's spitting water, but no steam.
The small but enthusiastic group enjoyed the day.


June 2015 Club Meeting

It was a beautiful Spring evening for socializing. We had a good turnout of members, spouses, companions and Model A's.

Ben Tillak's 1931 Deluxe Phaeton was "volunteered" for a Restorer's Class Judging demonstration.
It was given a score of 401 (silver medallion level) out of a possible 450 points by the rookie evaluators. It would take very little work to bring it up to the gold level of 430 points.



Bill Day's "Nellie" and lady friends at the Hedley Museum celebration of Stamp Mill Days


Some Lions Gate members drove up to Hedley on June 21 to surprise Bill and attend the Farmer's Market.
April 26th. 2015 Tour to Deltaport
January 20th. 2015 meeting

Guest Nigel Matthews of Hagerty Insurance gave an educational talk on the benefits of Agreed Value insurance, which ICBC no longer provides. "Collector cars require special consideration by knowledgeable staff who appreciate what they are and their true value. An agreed value policy is the only policy that you are guaranteed to receive the sum of money agreed upon by the vehicle owner and the insurer, it is a contract.
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