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Restoring my Canadian built 1931 Deluxe Roadster - by Carl Becker


Attendees to the recent Northwest Regional Group meet in Wilsonville, Oregon (south of Portland) enjoyed a solid week of tours, seminars, barbeques and judging. This judging yielded notable success for our club webmaster, Carl Becker. His outstanding 1931 Canadian Deluxe Roadster was the “Belle of the Ball” at this meet. Carl has spent a number of years sourcing Canadian parts and being actively hands-on in restoring this rare Model A. As the Chairman of the Canadian Model A Ford Foundation, Carl’s insight and dedication to Canadian built Model A’s paid off handsomely. Entered in Blue Ribbon judging, the Roadster scored 479 points out of a possible 500, qualifying for first place. In addition, the Roadster was awarded Best of Show and bestowed an Award of Excellence. This is an achievement in its own right but doubly so considering the added challenge of having a Canadian-made Model A judged in the United States. There are often misunderstandings that arise because many judges are unfamiliar with the uniqueness of a Canadian Model A. Congratulations to Carl on his efforts and success in enhancing the profile of the Canadian Model A that so many of us cherish. Reporting: B. Carlson



  What started out as a 2 year plan to restore my roadster turned into a 6 year frame off restoration! As I had been told and warned by fellow Model A enthusiast, restoring a Model A back to original factory spec's was no easy task. Like many restorers prior, I had big ideas on how I would organize my restoration and accomplish it on schedule. However, new to this hobby I really had no clue as to the correctness or incorrectness of my roadster and its many parts. What I found early on was that my roadster had been restored earlier to some degree as a "driver" and was made up of parts from 1928 thru 1931. The parts worked, but most were incorrect for a 1931 model. Now in addition to restoring what parts I had that were correct, I was on the hunt for the correct parts. To top that off, since the roadster was Canadian built I had the task of locating Canadian Made parts and that was no easy task! I spent a great deal of time on ebay, as well as networking with other restorers across Canada, the U.S., Australia and New Zealand. Slowly one by one, the parts good or bad showed up.    
rdstr3   Initially, the roadster body like most showed signs of rust and some prior attempts by previous owners to patch or stop metal fatigue and rust. Many areas along the bottom of the body had to be removed and repaired with new patch panels. The sub-rails were completely disintegrated over the rear axle area and required replacement. The firewall was full of holes used for any number of custom adaptations over the years.    
rdstr4   The body repaired and assembled back on the frame. Fitting the body on the frame was no easy task. Bob Crowley and I had the body on and off many times before we were happy with the hood alignment, door fit, etc. But once done, it was very pleasing to see the roadster start to come back to life after so many years scattered as parts in my garage and attic.    
rdstr5   With the body painted, Bob Crowley and I began the task of final assembly. Having spent so much time prior pre-fitting and aligning made this final assembly much easier. I would highly recommend this procedure to anyone restoring their vehicle.    
rdstr7   Once the body was back on the frame, Bob Crowley, Al Glen and I began the task of installing the upholstery. Roadsters are somewhat simple to upholster compared to other models. However, I had taken many photos of restored high points vehicles prior for reference. The photos became invaluable when finishing off the trim, windlace, etc.    

Finally, six years later my roadster was back on the road! This has been a learning experience for me and one that required a good deal of patience not only on my part, but my wife as well! However as a result, we've made many new friends that we wouldn't have otherwise. My wife Donna and I enjoy traveling to and participating in club tours, MAFCA and MARC meets especially now that our little roadster is back on the road!

A special thank you to Bob Crowley, Al Glen and Ted Baker for their help and support with this project!



2011 Christmas Luncheon - December 11, 2011

  The Christmas Luncheon was attended by a good number of members, this included many new members who decided to enjoy a beautiful day with fellow Model A friends at the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club.    
view   The views from the yacht club were absolutely spectacular, clear skies, snow capped mountains and ships in the background. We are truly blessed with such spectacular views to enjoy in Vancouver!    
dessert   The desserts were to die for! There was no shortage of chocolate cake, brownies, Nanaimo Bars, cheese cake, fruit dishes and of course an absoultly fanastic "Plum Pudding"! I can only hope the club decides to visit this place next year.    
food2   The food was excellent and I believe it caught many of us by surprise as to how great it was! Great selection of salads, vegetable and meat dishes. Most plates were overflowing and many made it back for a seconds.    

The luncheon was followed with the presentation of awards by Brian Carlson. Tom Spouse received an "Award of Excellence" for serving as club Treasurer for many years. Congratulations Tom for your many contributions to the club! The award is a framed "original" Model A Tudor ad.




Brian Carlson presenting Al Glen" with a an "Award of Excellence" for serving as Techical Director and Vice President. Congratulations Al for your continued hard work and support of the LGMAC.

Additional awards -

- Two year award to John Haddon as prior President

- Two year award to Don Bower as prior Secretary.

- 2010 Convention Chairman Brian Carlson for his continued position through 2011.

Thank you to John Haddon, Don Bower and Brian Carlson for your support and many contributions to the LGMAC.


Al Glen congratulating Carl Becker on his continuing LGMAC web design work. The LGMAC has received a number of MAFCA website awards.


A special thank you to our host "Terry & Christine Heselton" and the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club for a very memorable Christmas Luncheon!


Brian & Mary Carlson dressed in era fashions.



Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all Lions Gate Model A Club members!



October 16, 2011 Tour


This last tour for the season was on Sunday October 16,2011. It was a cold and foggy morning when nine Model A’s left Coquitlam Center. We headed through the fog up Lougheed Hiway towards Harrison Mills.

fog lifted
The fog lifted at Mission and a brilliant sunny day was uncovered.
Our first unexpected stop was at the Dewdney General Store where we met Steve Eremko & Terry Hill (members of the Totem Club).
line up
Their beautiful 1926 ‘T’ touring was parked at the store waiting to join our A’s on the tour.
harrison mills
Our first scheduled stop was at the Harrison Mills Community Hall where we all enjoyed a display of beautiful handmade Quilts.
We were Joined by Lloyd & Vivien Olson in their Model A, who had some Alternator trouble on route to the start point.
kilby store
We then headed up the road to the Kilby General store. It is a store, post office, and hotel from the 1920’s.
It is run as a museum to display what it was like to be there in the 20’s. It was fascinating to be in a store that was stocked with goods and groceries from the era when our Model A’s were new. We had a terrific lunch in the Kilby Store Restaurant.
Lloyd Olsen
The food was good and the service was excellent. (The waitress even danced with Lloyd Olson)
After lunch it was back in our cars again for a marvelous drive through the Morris Valley to the Weaver Creek Spawning Channel. After our arrival in the parking lot, we were literally swarmed by the many visitors at the channel. As it turns out, the Asian community from greater Vancouver loves going to the spawning channel to see the fish.
They appreciated the beautiful cars that arrived. It was certainly a “Kodak Moment” for them, a lot of cameras were clicking. There were a lot of different questions being asked about the Fords. John Willis was answering some of them in Chinese! What a surprise! Thousands of Sockeye salmon were swimming in the channel. It was a sight to see. It was a great tour. We all went to the store and we saw a lot of fish

On behalf of the Lions Gate Model A Club, I would like to thank Stan & Donna Rothstein for a fantasic tour year! These two put together some of the best well planned tours this club have ever experienced, well done!


Thank you Stan & Donna Rothstein!



22 members and friends enjoyed a delicious BBQ lunch at the home of David and Margie Graham on Saturday, September 24th.  There were mostly Model A’s arriving with a few modern cars.  The weather was clear, sunny,  and warm all morning, and into the early afternoon,  before clouding over about the time everyone was leaving to go home.   David provided the most excellent meal, including Corn- on- the -Cob which had been picked earlier in the morning at the neighbour’s farm.  Did the neighbor know about this?  We really enjoyed it either way  – the best corn had in many a year!   Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Home-made Sausages, Potato Salad and Ice Cream completed the meal.   Thank you David and Margie for hosting this successful event.

The weather was clear, sunny,  and warm all morning, and into the early afternoon,  before clouding over about the time everyone was leaving to go home.  
David provided the most excellent meal, including Corn- on- the -Cob which had been picked earlier in the morning at the neighbour’s farm.  Did the neighbor know about this? 
line up
We really enjoyed it either way  – the best corn had in many a year!   Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Home-made Sausages, Potato Salad and Ice Cream completed the meal.   Thank you David and Margie for hosting this successful event.


September 17, 2011 - The Lions Gate Model A Club and the Pacific Model A Club hosted a joint Swap Meet at the Pacific Model A Club facility in Langley. A number of members from both clubs turned out, with some Model A'ers coming up from Washington state. The morning started off a little slow and wet, but it wasn't long and rusty items began to move from one individual to another. Hot dogs and fresh pop corn were made available by Brian and Mary Carlson and I might ad were quite tasty! All in all it was a good swap meet for those who attended.

Special thanks to the Pacific Model A Club for hosting this years swap meet!


"MODEL A HOME COMING TOUR" event - Hosted by Stan and Donna Rothstein, article by Lois Williams



THIS IS THE PLACE FOR OLD CAR ‘LOOKIE LOOS’! 18 of the Lion’s Gate Model A club members (this # includes a few friends of the members as well) descended upon the State of Michigan ... Dearborn, Michigan to be exact ... for the Old Car Festival held once yearly in the Greenfield Village designed by – you guessed it Henry Ford. The Museum and the Village were put together by Henry Ford in the late 20’s to showcase inventors and life of the earlier times and coming years as well. He certainly was instrumental in putting together great cars and great ideas, this Greenfield area included.



We began our visit on a rainy Saturday when all the old cars needed to be tarped and covered, it soon changed into sun by noon and all activities were underway. There are rides in Model T’s, an old steam engine train to ride, countless road systems and village houses, shops, eateries and shows to watch.
One area of interest to the Canadians was the team from Kitchener, Ontario that put together a model T from a pile of ‘scraps’ in under 6 minutes.
The engine was already completed ahead of time but the structure went together with amazing speed and accuracy.

Then there is the Museum which houses tens of thousands of artifacts relating mainly to the world of transportation , including the largest engine made, a 600 ton locomotive on display, the Rosa Parks bus, Kennedy’s car in which he was assassinated. Showcasing other parts of our lives as well, historically with the chair Lincoln was shot in, as well as modern innovations in manufacturing and possible inventions for the future. The Museum itself could take a whole day to go through as well as that long in the Village, thankfully our able organizers, Stan and Donna thought to get tickets for a two day visit, however we wished to use them. On the last day of our stay there was the Rouge Factory tour where the F150 trucks are being produced. Much time is needed there to see all the interesting aspects of modern day technology that most of us have never had the privilege to watch up close.

This was a most enjoyable weekend with the private collections of hundreds of cars 1931 and under on display throughout the village, driving tours were on all day long and even into the evening on Saturday with a ‘gaslight’ parade complete with a spectacular fireworks display to finish off an already wonderful day.


Some of the interesting cars brought in personally was a Dusenburg, a wood fired Cuguot replica from France (via Florida), Model A firetrucks and a hearse, 1909 Sears gasoline buggies, old Buicks, Packards, Caddilacs – no end to the list of amazing vehicles to look at, talk to the owners about and most had folks in the fashion attire of the date of their cars.
The village was set in the late 1800’s early 1900’s so the docents and folks working with the village had on the costuming of the day as well, many bicycle riders in their variety of bikes of that era, all the shop keepers were dressed to the era they were portraying. It was a well worth trip to take and this was the weekend to do it if you are a Model A collector. Thanks to all the attention to detail taken by host couple Stan and Donna and thanks to all who attended this time in Michigan.

The following pictures and information supplied by Stan & Donna Rothstein

btaylor   Rob Taylor wins $15.00 name tag draw in the lobby of the "Henry Ford" museum, Dearborn, Michigan.  
group   Group picture – 18 members and friends travelled to “The Old Car Festival”  
oscar meyer   Oscar Meyer Weinermobile  
trimotor   Ford Tri-motor Airplane  
generator   Steam engine generator  
  All aboard the steam train which circles Greenfield Village!  
btaylor   Rob Taylor wins $15.00 name tag draw in the lobby of the "Henry Ford" museum, Dearborn, Michigan.  
group   Group picture – 18 members and friends travelled to “The Old Car Festival”  
oscar meyer   Oscar Meyer Weinermobile  
trimotor   Ford Tri-motor Airplane  
generator   Steam engine generator  
train   All aboard the steam train which circles Greenfield Village!  
wright cycle   The Wright Cycle Shop  
Edison   Inside Thomas Edison’s lab which was moved from Menlo Park, Illinois to Greenfield Village  
edison   Thomas Edison’s lab chair which was nailed to the floor on the spot where he last sat in it by Henry Ford in 1929  
covered bridge   covered bridge from Pennsylvania  
firestone   Harvey Firestone’s birthplace farmhouse  
Percheron Horses   Percheron horses working on the Firestone Farm  
ModelT   Model T Service Truck owned by the museum  
traffic jam   Traffic jam in Greenfield Village leaving the park on Sunday afternoon  
Old Car Festival   Greenfield Village “Old Car Festival” sign  
20 millionth   20 Millionth Ford - Photo taken by Mike Chapman  
factory   Part of the “Rouge Plant” which we toured while they were building F150 pickup trucks  
Rennaissance Center   Renaissance Center – built by Ford, sold to GM and now their head office on the Detroit River waterfront  
Ford   Ford World Headquarters  
Fairlane Estate   Stan knocking on Henry Ford’s “Fairlane Estate” front door  
On behalf of the Lions Gate Model A Club and its members, I would like to thank Stan & Donna for a year of fantastic, well planned and exciting tours! Stan and Donna have put countless hours into planning and preparing tours for your benefit, much of it at their own expense! They've ask for nothing in return but that you participate if you can and enjoy the event.

Carl Becker - LGMAC Web Master

August 21, 2011 "Sheepless Tour"      
Good weather prevailed for the repeat Sheepless in Vancouver Rally. 11 Model A’s, 2 modern cars, 26 members and one dog attended. Brian Carlson was the winner of the $15 name tag draw. Cars left in 2 minute intervals from the Delta Vancouver Airport Hotel in Richmond with driving instructions in hand.

There was to be no fighting or arguing during this tour according to the send-off instructions!! The route took about 1.5 hours to complete and everyone arrived back at the hotel apparently intact. Sights included interesting homes, gardens , streets and city views that are seldom seen by outsiders. Some Vancouverites were thrilled to see all the Model A’s passing through their neighbourhood AGAIN! Al Glen and Ben Tillak apparently also visited Granville Island (which was not on the tour route!) looking for sheep? Lunch at the hotel was great, outside on the deck, overlooking the marina at “Pier 73”. John Rae relayed an interesting account about how he was commissioned 40 years ago to inspect and certify that “the crab” artwork at the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre was structurally sound. The rally prizes were awarded to teams of Raymond and Elke Solberg, John and Bruce Rae, and Dave Kettler & Rob Taylor. This tour proves that you can drive your Model A and have fun without following each other like a bunch of sheep!



Jim John
Many thanks to Stan & Donna Rothstein for taking the time to put on such a great tour! This tour was thoroughly enjoyed by all who participated.

Northwest Regional Meet, Wilsonville, Oregon - July 30 thru Aug 6th.
lgmac group 1
lgmac group
The recent Northwest Regional Meet in Wilsonville, Oregon was a great success and a lot of fun for all those who attended! The weather was perfect with no rain. The Lions Gate Model A Club was well represented with a total of 10 members and 4 Model A's! For more information on this event, please visit the section of this site.
Swap Meet Treasures!
Meeting up with old friends!
car games
Oh yes, those famous car games! How far can you drive with a pan full of water and not spill some?
Are we there yet?
Brian & Mary Carlson dressed in era fashions and ready for the banquet
Donna, Julie and Susanne in era fashions

Barbeque time at the Vestal's

Susanne enjoying warm days and cold beer.
31 del rdstr
Banquet and Awards Ceremony
Vehicle Judging: With 479 points in "Blue Ribbon", Carl & Donna Becker's 1931 Canadian Deluxe Roadster was awarded "First Place, Best of Show and Award of Excellence".  


"There's Hope for Model A's Tour"

It's a long, long, road from Langley to Hope, B.C. but 9 Model A's, 2 modern cars and 24 members enjoyed the excursion out to "Coquihalla Provincial Park" and the "Othello Tunnels" on Sunday August 7, 2011. Terry Heselton won the $15 name tag draw at the driver's meeting.

The weather was brilliant. After an adventurous drive through the back roads of the Fraser Valley, we stopped for a delicious lunch at "The Wildcat Grill" in Rosedale. After lunch we carried on across the Fraser River and followed the Lougheed Highway to Hope. We enjoyed seeing all the "chainsaw carvings" in downtown Hope and wound our way through the mountains to the Coquihalla park and old abandoned train tunnels. It was a short, awe-inspiring walk along the old railroad bed, beside the rushing Coquihalla River, to the tunnels.

The tunnels were originally built in 1915 and the engineering was quite a feat at the time due to the very rugged terrain. There were no mechanical issues with the cars on the trip. The high standard of the restoration and maintenance of our club Model A's was reflected in the success of this long tour. For more information on this event, please visit the Recent Events section of this site.

The following photo's and article submitted by Louis & Bryan Williams: This trek was an all day trip to the Othello tunnels in Hope, B.C. Meeting up with 9 Model A’s and two ‘moderns’ we stopped along the route at 2 MacDonald’s and one Tim Horton's .. and that was between the times of 10 and noon proving that Model A owners must really need that fast food fix to keep trekking! For lunch we had reservations at the Wildcat Café which we can highly recommend for future stops -- good service and good food. Onward through the back roads of the valley till we got into Hope and then into the Quintette Tunnels Park for a walk through this historic part of our province’s past. They were designed by chief engineer Andrew McCulloch , at a cost of $300,000 making them the most expensive mile of railway track built in the world at that time, they operated from 1914 and were closed to train travel in the early 1960’s. The area became a provincial park in 1998. It was a great travel day, sunny with some wind along the back roads into Hope keeping the bugs at bay. All enjoyed the experience of walking through the tunnels, marveling at the amount of skill that went into building this series of tunnels. As we overlooked the bridges into the rushing river below steelhead could be seen trying to make their way upstream into the spawning grounds above the rapids. Mother Nature at her best! Five A’s traveled home together again, some had left for their own travel plans and it was another terrific tour and we want to thank both Donna and Stan for all their work to prepare this great day for the ones who showed up to enjoy. Thanks also to their son who accompanied ‘dad’ since Donna was unable to be with our group on that day.
tunnel tour
tunnel 2
Jim DeWolf

July 24, 2011 - Tour to Britannia Mine

July 24, 2011 - Tour of Britannia Mine Museum

Rick Poissant hosted the a fantastic BBQ lunch of Chicken, salad and desert. A special thank you to Rick, Ken Kilby, Matt and all those who helped put on this fantastic lunch!


For additional information, please visit our "Recent Events" area of this web site.

  Joan Hill, winner of $15.00 for wearing her LGMAC badge!  
Stan Rothstein, tour director explaining the route and the days events.
pict 3
After lunch it was a short drive down the highway to Britannia Mine Museum. Everyone enjoyed the guided tour with “Marshall” who was a miner in the Britannia Mine when it was operational and who gave us an informative tour underground as well as in the mill. It was a cool 12 degrees Celsius underground which was a welcome relief from the hot sun outdoors this day. Everyone’s Model A was performing well today as we all made it up Furry Creek Hill on Highway 99!
pict 4
  Britannia Mine Equipment & group gathering  
mine 2
  Britannia Mine  
inside mine
  Britannia Mine - tour guide "Marshall"  

2011 MARC National Meet - June 27th thru July 1, 2011 San Diego, California
Mary Carlson is happy to report that the MARC National Meet, held in San Diego in June 2011, was a great success. Four of the Lions Gate Model A Club members attended [Carl and Donna Becker & Brian and Mary Carlson]. There were over 250 registrations and attendees from many states, as well as Canada. We participated in a full complement of vehicle and fashion events, along with tours and banquets. The Grand Tour took us to a couple of spots, always by the ocean. Watch for coverage of the meet in a future issue of the Model A News. For additional information, please visit our "Recent Events" area of this web site.




Mary and Brian Carlson, along with Donna Becker, enjoyed the Fashion Awards event






Beach pajamas modeled by some San Diego ladies









Brian and Mary Carlson in the gardens at the host hotel





Brian and Mary Carlson on the Grand Tour, near San Diego.





Model A’s in sunny San Diego





One of the pools at the host hotel in San Diego

Aren’t you sorry that you didn’t go to the MARC National Meet?


June 26, 2011 - Lion’s Gate to the Lion’s Gate Tour

The club was pleased to arrive to reserved parking, in the front lot at the entrance to Stanley Park, with two horse-drawn carriages awaiting us. We enjoyed a very entertaining, one hour horse-drawn carriage tour of the park, courtesy of Gerry O’Neil. So many interesting facts about Vancouver and Stanley Park were learned on this circle tour of the park that many, even long-time residents of the city, did not know before.
horse drawn carrage
We then drove our cars around the park to the horse barns and carriage tour base near the Rose Gardens. There Gerry did an interesting “Tech Session” on the beautiful draft horses he owns; with two especially large, dapple grey ones in attendance! A “horse shoeing demo” followed, together with a viewing of several different horse-drawn coaches he has available and a horse-drawn hearse. Everyone received a “lucky horseshoe” souvenir before leaving.
  fish house  
Fish House
Then it was off to “The Fish House Restaurant in Stanley Park” where more reserved front row parking awaited us. The service, food, and company at this wonderful restaurant was really excellent – a beautiful day in Stanley Park was enjoyed by all. Many thanks to our very generous club member, Gerry O’Neil, for hosting this brilliant event!
horse yard

May 8, 2011 - "Mother's Day at the Glades" - Sponsored by Jim & Elfreide DeWolf.


Thanks to Jim & Elfriede DeWolf
for this memorable day! Club members enjoyed the tour, trail and all the beautiful flowers.

rest area

Brian and Lois Williams
of the White Rock Garden Club were volunteering in the plant sale area and some great buys were to be had there.
Brian is pictured here preparing for his world famous "Spring Plant Toss & Sale". Broken pots go for half price, right Brian?

Visitors enjoyed viewing all the Model A’s which were parking in a prime location across from the entrance with Jim’s beautiful Cabriolet in the garden courtyard.


Thanks to Stan and Donna Rothstein for another well planned tour!



April 10th, (Sunday) LGMAC TOUR: “Dave’s Garage” Driving tour to see memorabilia/antique gas pumps/gas station signs etc at Dave Gill’s garage in Abbotsford. Stop for lunch. Update: We will meet at the Colossus Theatre in Langley at 10:00 AM – the usual spot in the parking lot across from East Side Mario’s Restaurant The driver’s meeting will be at 10:15 AM – please bring your name tags to enter the draw for lunch money - $15.00 The tour will leave at 10:30 AM and we will be driving for about an hour. We will stop for lunch in Abbotsford after the garage tour – could members who plan to attend please let Stan and Donna know by phone (604)576-6329 or e-mail rmodela@shaw.ca as we will make a reservation for the group and will need to make a deposit to hold our space at the restaurant. We will also need to know how many are attending in order to print driving instruction sheets etc without wasting money or trees! This event is RAIN OR SHINE! In case of non-Model A weather please bring your modern car to enjoy the fun.


Additional Tour Photo's


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