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LGMAC Christmas Party - December 8th, 2013
Riverway Golf Course, Burnaby
It was a gorgeous setting, great food and wonderful people. What else could you wish for?


October 15th. Meeting

Jenny Mah and Loren Cocking entertained us with a fascinating recount of their epic Peking-to-Paris rally. They successfully completed the 12,000 km. 33 day ordeal despite many hardships, including breakdowns, getting stranded in the middle of Mongolia, lack of sleep, and on and on.... But the Model A held up in the end, just like we knew it would. Car7

Our good club member Gordon Hill entered his 1930 Model A Phaeton into ‘Fine Point’ judging at the Northwest Region’s meet held recently in Bend, Oregon. Judged under the MAFCA Restored Class (Blue Ribbon), the vehicle was awarded the MAFCA ‘Blue Award Of Excellence’ with a score of 486 points out of a possible 500. The achievement is considered by MAFCA to mean this vehicle is classified as an excellent restoration. Congratulations to a master restorer on the recognition for your hard work and depth of knowledge. Gordon received his award at the Awards Banquet held September 7th at the Convention Centre in Bend.


Mary Carlson at Langley Museum of flight featured as MAFCA "A of the Day" September 19, 2013

Bill Day's Pickup featured as MAFCA "A of the Day" August 13, 2013


Langley Museum of Flight - September 14, 2013

Fifteen members of the Lions Gate Model A Club, the Totem A and T Club, and the Pacific Model A Club chugged into the Canadian Museum of Flight at the Langley Airport on Members Day, September 14.

They had been at the annual Model A Swap Meet in Langley and through the good offices of Matt Offer, Secretary of the Canadian Museum of Flight, had arranged for an afternoon at the airport.

They felt that there should be a lot in common with the Museum volunteers and staff – all people loving old machinery and memories of admired previous generations.

They thought it would be a happy kind of get-together and an opportunity to renew inter-club friendships and make new ones with airborne people. It was a great visit.

The Model A folks were very impressed – bowled over in some cases – by the extent and variety of exhibits, and by the obvious enthusiasm and camaraderie of the Museum volunteers. They were greeted with great friendliness and offers of assistance everywhere they went – whether at the hangar exhibits or on the airfield itself where there was an array of beautifully restored old biplanes and World War II aircraft.

The “A”ers were anxious for photo opportunities and appreciated the chance to have their “babies” nestled up to a 1930 WACO biplane – a real treasure, beautifully restored – just like their cars of the same age. The Ford crew thought that the unmistakable sound of the Model A engine is a bit more distinctive than the sound of the WACO’s five cylinders, but beauty is in the ear of the beholder.

The President invited the visitors to the annual Museum members Crab Fest. The meal was fantastic, as was the social chatter. It was a great experience for all.

Bill Day (thanks Bill for organizing this tour!!)

Photos - LGMAC Members and Friends



John & Rooney


Neil & Irene





NW Regional Meet - Bend Oregon - September 3 - 8 , 2013

Lions Gate Model A Club Makes A Big Showing at Northwest Regional Meet
      The High Desert A’s host a superb meet in lovely Bend, Oregon

Carl Becker & Al Glen signing up MAFCA members to have their vehicles evaluated with the new Restorers Class at the NWRM at Bend Or.

       Gordon Hill with Joan at the Grand Tour picnic       Ted Belyea accompanied by Charlotte, at the Welcome Social

The club had great support from its members through their participation at meet events. Those attending the convention got out and made things happen!

Carl and Donna Becker: Carl was a vehicle judge and headed up the new Restorers Class judging program

Ted Belyea and Charlotte: Ted and Charlotte were the fastest couple on the Grand Tour in Ted’s blue Ford Mustang, the Model A was depressed at being left home

Brian and Mary Carlson: Brian was Assistant Chief Judge for fashion judging, a Restorers Class vehicle judge and Northwest Regional Group club representative - Mary, a Master Judge, handled Major Garments for the fashion judging and trailered her 1930 Town Sedan to the meet.

Al and Suzanne Glen: Al was a vehicle judge as well as administrator and judge for the new Restorers Class judging program

Gordon and Joan Hill: Gordon entered his Phaeton in vehicle judging

Julie Lansiquot: Julie was an entrant for fashion judging

Some candid shots of our members:

Suzanne, Donna & Carl enjoying Deschutes Brewery beer                           Julie at the Conference Centre
             All dressed up with somewhere to go                              Brian & Mary enjoying the High Desert A’s welcome
     Al & Suzanne Glen awaiting the banquet meal                Dude, where’s my car?:  Large turnout of A’s for the Grand Tour
Also seen around the meet were members of sister club Pacific Model A.  We all said hello
to Richard & Joanne Gaska, Jim Wong, Bob Krause and Herb Kirk.
This was a well managed and interesting meet that all attendees enjoyed.  We thank the
host club for all their efforts and Al in particular was pleased to get lucky at the Raffle Room.
Hope to see everyone again and more at next year’s combined Pacific Northwest Regional /
2014 MAFCA National Convention at Puyallup, Washington (near Tacoma) next July.


Powell River Pig Roast August 25, 2013

Members of the Lions Gate Model A Club enjoyed the nice weather and the 5 hour trip up the Sunshine Coast to Powell River . We joined about 90 people from the Vintage Car Club there for a Pig Roast held at the home of Chris & Lee Koleszar. The 165 lb, pig was roasted by our member (and Chef) Hugh Hunter. He has been doing this annual event for the past 15 years. The food was great, and we visited with some of our members that live in the area.
What A great way to spend 3 days.

Minter Gardens July 21, 2013

The weather was great, the gardens were spectacular, the cars were beautiful, and the vehicle on display as last year's 'People's Choice' winner..... a Ford Model A. Stan and Donna Rothstein, Moe, Larry, and Curly had a wonderful time. This year's car show, sponsored by the Fraser Valley British Motor Club at Minter Gardens, will mark the last car show at Minter Gardens. Brian Minter and his family have decided to close the gardens at the end of this season. The car club is actively seeking another suitable venue for next year's show. It seems like a tall order to come up with a venue that could come close to the brilliant venue that Minter Gardens provided over the years.


Sheepless in Vancouver tour group, Sunday July 14.

Dave and Julie in Dave's newly restored 1929 Chevrolet (the wolf amongst the sheep).

Part of the tour route on Shaughnessy's Beverly Crescent


June 18, 2013 Monthly Meeting

This month's meeting was held outdoors and the good weather allowed a number of members to bring their cars and enjoy a picnic on the lawn.


April 16, 2013 Monthly Meeting

Gord Hill gave an excellent presentation on the various starter drives, beginning with the less-than-successful early Ford Abell drive to the Bendix drives and the modern replacement style. If you need any of the small parts to repair your starter drive, Gord is the man to see.

February 19, 2013 Monthly Meeting

Jim DeWolf demonstrates the club's new magnafluxer on an engine block. The block showed a large crack in the valve chamber between #2 & #3 cylinder exhaust ports, a common problem area. Jim pointed out that many machine shops don't know where to look for cracks in Model A engines and often only check the top deck.

Jim also tried the magnafuxer on some other items, including a flywheel housing and cylinder head.
Any club members can make use of our new tool by contacting Jim.


Ralph Bower featured in January 4, 2013 edition of Vancouver Sun

For those of you who missed it, a copy of the article by Alyn Edwards is posted here


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