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Lavender's Green creates authentic reproduction clothing and accessories for various vintage styles from 1776 to 1945. Kay Demlow - Designer, dressmaker and fashion historian.
(503) 640-6936
Web site link:
Lavender's Green

Nicole's Embroidery & Design Custom vintage clothing made for both men and women.
Nicole Belanger nicpic1@shaw.ca
4924 Queens Ave.
Powell River, BC
Mon - Fri
9am - 5:30pm
(604) 485-5011

December 05, 2010 - LGMAC Vancouver Island Christmas Brunch: LGMAC members from Parksville, North Vancouver, Surrey, Langley and Victoria met at the Oak Bay Marina for a fabulous Christmas brunch. The weather was a bit crisp, but at least there was no rain. The food was excellent with a great selection of hot and cold dishes, and what seemed to be an endless array of mouth watering desserts. In addition, we were presently surprised to be treated with champagne, compliments of the Oak Bay Marina. Some of us plan to go back soon just for the desserts! 22 in all attended. A quick trip over and back for some, but it did give many of us a chance to reconnect with good friends and plan a little for next years events. Thanks to all those who made the trip over and for sharing the day. A special thank you to Bob and Karren Crowley for arranging the brunch, it was a relaxing day and the members greatly appreciate your efforts!



November 21, 2010 - LGMAC Tour to the Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary: En route we passed over the 100 year old swing bridge to Westham Island. Gord Hill was the only brave sole to drive his “A” as the weather, while clear, was cold and the roads salted. We had an “invigorating” walk about, visited and fed the many different ducks and several friendly Sandhill Cranes. We were able to see the Snow Geese (at a distance) and finished up with a delicious lunch at “Sharkey’s Seafood Bar & Grille” in the village of Ladner. Our thanks to Stan & Donna Rothstein for a great tour and lunch!


warming hut





November 16, 2010 LGMAC Meeting: Terry Heselton repeated for the Club the Model A horn tech session he had presented at the August Convention. It was a very comprehensive session that covered all aspects of the horns used through the Model A production run. Terry started by describing the horn as a simple device powered by a six volt DC motor which spins a diaphragm ratchet, which he calls a waffle, against a tempered steel pointed rivet on a spring steel diaphragm to create the famous ah-ooh-ga sound. Simple and easy to understand. Terry then spent an hour adding complexity to this by detailing everything anyone would need to know to rebuild a Model A horn and it is truly fascinating. Thanks Terry, great job and much appreciated!


November 6, 2010 - LGMAC Mainland Christmas Potluck - We wish to thank Debbie and Lorne Dickie for the work they did organizing the Christmas pot Luck luncheon. By all accounts it was a great success and raised a total of $350 for the Food Bank. Thanks to everyone who participated, John Haddon, President.





October 2, 2010 - Tour from Brentwood to Duncan & Return via the Mill Bay Ferry


(back row) - Al Glen, Bob Crowley, Suzanne Glen, Donna & Carl Becker, (front row) - Karren Crowley. Tour from Mill Bay to Duncan & Return. The day started with clouds, but it soon cleared to beautiful clear blue skies. We enjoyed a great tour on a number of scenic country roads, a tour of Cherry Point Vineyard for a little wine tasting. We also found time to stop in at a couple of antique shops where Suzanne & Donna found some great era jewelry pieces. All in all, a fun day. Thanks to Bob & Karren for another great tour!


Vancouver Island Tour Master Bob Crowley and his wife Karren lining up at the Mill Bay Ferry in their 1930 Deluxe Roadster...

Carl & Donna Becker are ready for a day of adventure.

Suzanne Glen & Donna Becker dressed in era fashions..

Photo taken by Bob Crowley heading to Mill Bay...


Stave Falls Dam Tour - Sunday, September 26th, 2010




Nothing like a natural car wash to clean off that summer dust.....


Did someone forecast rain again?


What kind of mischievous fun are these two up to?


Generators hum with power!


Tools of the trade.....

Detroit Electric

1912 Detroit Electric car on display
power display

Electrifying demonstration....


Al Glen with his buddy.....
mapleleaf "MAFCA 2010 International Convention" mapleleaf
August 1st - 6th, 2010

"Off to Alaska" on the MAFCA 2010 International Convention Cruise Aboard the ms Zuiderdam!
1st Port of Call, Juneau, Alaska

One of the many beautiful Cascading waterfalls along the way.....

2nd Port of Call, Skagway, Alaska - Home to the Red Onion Saloon and White Pass Railway

Colorful Place, lots of history! A must see.....

White Pass Railway - Diesel Electrics bring us safely down the grade!

White Pass Railway - Two full cars of Convention Model A' ers

A day in the pristine and majestic Glacier Bay!

Arriving in Ketchikan for more adventure! 3rd Port of Call

Down on the famous and historic "Creek Street" of Ketchikan

Off on another adventure to a private fishing lodge and crab feed.


Towel Art! Presented each evening in our cabins...Nice touch Holland America!
A special thank you to "Brian & Mary Carlson"
our host's and organizers of this 7 day
fun filled cruise to Alaska!
Brian, I trust your now caught up on your sleep........



Sparkling jewels and Model A tools – parties and picnics - car games and tours, A private collection of Classic cars - each driven often, some not far, Vintage phonographs and old juke boxes; each with a history; each plays a tune On those warm summer evenings ‘neath a Canadian moon, The Butchart Gardens at their peak – roses, begonias, rare plants to seek, Burnaby Village – a living museum; shops, school and chapel; a band to hear Model A’s parked ‘round town just like yesteryear, Sky lift up Grouse Mountain to see birds and some bears, A lumberjack show; ride a zip line - if you dare, Era fashion was the code of the day, For banquets and shows and even for play, The Lions Gate A’s sure did their part, British Columbia stole our hearts!

Claire and John Villa
Marin A’s of California


Ivan Sayers Fashion line-up


With Original fashions


and accessories!


Aviator outfit, now that's pretty cool!



Best of Show, Restored - 1st Place & MAFCA Award of Excellence - 480 points

Karl Wehrle - 1929 AA Duck Hunting Custom Truck


Restored - 1st Place & MAFCA Award of Excellence - 479 points

Barbara Jo Brit 1931 Closed Cab Pickup


Restored - 1st Place & MAFCA Award of Excellence - 462 points

Tony Stokes 1930 Deluxe Delivery

Additional "Winning Vehicle" information can be found in the Judging/
Restoration Workshops
area of this web site.

Oldest Driver ... Clifford (90) & Myrtle Wagner, from Modesto, California!

Sheepless Rally Line up...

A good selection of donations!

Ratsoy Car Collection...Ford Line Up

Terry Wilson & Werner Faust controlling parking & enjoying the day...

Repairs underway....

Swap Meet...many bargains to be had!

Grand Tour... Mounties & Brian Carlson

Great selection of Model A's....

Great items to choose from.......

Nearly 300 Model A's attended

Did someone say snow? Ross Macleod's Model A Snowbird

Burnaby Village Museum Grand Tour


Congratulations Jim for winning 1st place at the Minter Gardens Annual Car Show, August 18th, 2010!

Gord and Joan Hill enjoyed the day with their beautifully restored 1930 Phaeton, gorgeous car... well done Gord!

July 1, 2010 - Sidney, B.C. Canada Day Parade
Al & Susanenne Glen, Bob & Karren Crowley, Dan & Ingrid Young along with Donna & Carl Becker turned out for the Sidney Parade & Candy Toss. A number of local vintage Model T owners and their cars joined in Parade as well. It was a little wet, but we all had a good time with great friends! Thanks to Bob & Karren Crowley for hosting the parade run!





candy toss

June 6, 2010 - The Lions Gate Model A Club participated in a mini tour to the "Christina Place Seniors Residence" in White Rock.

Five Model A's participated in the tour.  Although it was a rainy afternoon a large number of residents from Christina Place came out to admire the cars and socialize with the club members.  It was an enjoyable, if somewhat damp experience for all and the visit was certainly appreciated by the residents of Christina Place.  A short tour followed, still in the rain, until we landed at our local Tim Horton's for coffee and fellowship.
rainy day


May 30, 2010 Joint Tour - Organized by the Totem A & T Club

About 20  Lion's Gate Model A members took part in a tour in the valley today organized by the Totem A and T club. "Much thanks goes out to Bill and Dianne Townsend from the Totems for a wonderfully prepared tour and BBQ". Total head count for the day's outing was 120 --- some with hot rods, some 40's/ 50's and 60's // some with A's and T's and some even came in modern cars --- even an antique Rolls Royce showed up today!



First stop was to Audrey and Gordon Stebanuks with  donuts and coffee offered, in a unique 50's style 'cafe'!! There were barns to look through with great collections of cars and collectibles, lots of ideas for our model A'ers at this stop!
Then off to Jack Williams, a retired race driver, who has a racing car in his living room...many of the guys were questioning their partners on why they couldn't do the same....lots of funny comments on that one!


After that stop we headed to the Johnson Group car collection for a marvellous variety of antique cars and even more collectibles!
This is a great way to visit the past through the history of vehicles, from Diana's to the Stutz's to the Duzenbergs....what an amazing display!


More of the collection to view.....
Gord Hills up close inspection... ghill

tourgroup   LGMAC
From here we headed to our own member's home--- Marge and David Graham --- where Al Glen and John Haddon were the cooks for the afternoon. Hamburgers and hot dogs, beans 'n chips ....and of course the famous raffle draw always a big hit with great prizes. Lunch and raffle was supplied thanks to the Totem A and T club...much fun was had, new friends made and old friends reunited...thanks to all who organized this tour.... Bill even promised we'd be home before the rain hit our precious cars and by gum...he was right!!!

"Vancouver Island - Spring Run"
March 20, 2010
Bob & Karren Crowley along with Carl & Donna Becker toured North Saanich, Deep Cove and Sidney. The weather was cool but sunny. Light traffic on the country roads made for a great day of sight seeing and driving with our tops down! Our tour took us to the Deep Cove market for a warm up with a large cup of Hot Chocolate. On the way, we encountered Howard Cochrane, his wife Janice and their dog in their 1930 Model A Roadster Pickup. We polished a great day off with dinner at the Stone House Pub.


September 26th, 2009 - International Model A Day - Mike Chapman tour guide, Article by Lois Williams

Another great day out with our club! Today the Lion’s Gate Model A’s met up at the hotel to be used for the MAFCA 2010 International Convention. This was a trial run out to Steveston; a tour of the old cannery and lunch beside the river. Twelve of the club cars came for the drive and a few friends in ‘wannabe’ Model A’s. Mike led us on the tour from the hotel, and through Richmond to many admiring looks from the pedestrians. Once we parked at the cannery lot we headed in for a film on the early days at the cannery then a tour by our guide Lynne of all the workings of the place. It was very informative, with well illustrated machinery and exhibits. They took all of us on one tour so it was great fun to joke about the machinery and how hard it would have been to work in the cannery. After the tour we headed into the village to find an eatery that suited each of the group. Some walked through the village shops and along the newly constructed river walkways for photo opportunities. The weather was sunny but very windy, so most of us ate inside the restaurants although there were plenty of places with outside tables for a less windy day. This is a delightful village, full of history but also made modern for the shopping pleasure of the tourists. There wasn’t enough time this day to tour the Britannia shipyards but could be made into another day’s outing for future consideration. All who took the cannery tour came away very relieved that this was not an occupation they chose for their life jobs, it was a brutal type of work but aren’t we all so thankful to open a tin of salmon and enjoy it on a sandwich? This was a wonderful place to visit, reasonably priced, interesting with lots of historical value, the village is very cute with great accessibility. Highly recommended! Thanks to Mike Chapman for organizing the tour and to those who showed up, thanks to all!

Al Glen purchases his dream car - a rare Canadian built 1931 Cabriolet!

Al Glen picking up his Canadian built 1931 Cabriolet from Courtney-Comox area on Vancouver Island. Cars like this are becoming very rare, but occasionally they do come up for sale. Congratulations Al!

cabriolet 3
Al Glen and Terry Wilson reviewing the car and all its parts. Brian Carlson and Terry Wilson admiring Al's car on Brian Carlsons new "all aluminum" trailer.

September 19th, 2009 - Annual Model A Swap Meet - Article by Brian Carlson

With twelve vendors and an increased number of buyers out looking for parts, this year's annual swap meet was another success! Unlike other years, when this event was held in August, a move was made to September as an experiment to see if the timing would yield more buyers. It would seem that this was indeed what happened. The morniing started out very overcast but the weather steadily improved. Lots of early birds were in evidence before the official 9:30am opening. By noon the vendors had pretty much seen the end of sales. Time for socializing! Hot dogs on the barbeque were very much missed: our master chef John Haddon being on vacation. Juices, pop, water, various pastries and cookies were offered, enjoying limited success. Money was noticeably tight this year. A piece of sage advice was gleaned from one of the top sellers, Gord Hill, that quality refurbished products still bring the money even in tighter times. Think about that for enhancing your next year's sales. Speaking of next year, remember that our swap meet will be rolled into the 2010 MAFCA International Convention events. See you all at the convention.

September 12th, 2009 - "Day at the Race Track" - Article by Lois Williams

Eleven “A’s” off to the races! What a great day to go to the Race Track and again Ralph Bower was instrumental in getting us onto the grounds, meal tickets and programs. We had a few new comers this year and some “A’s” came with four travellers. So we had a good showing and Mary and Brian Carlson did the club proud wearing era fashion clothes to hand out the flowers to the winners of Race 5, the Lion’s Gate Model A’s Race. Julie Lansiquot also came in era fashion making the day that much more interesting for the folks looking at the cars and us! There was much betting hi jinx going on, lots of ‘tips’ from the experts among the group, no big bucks won that I heard of, more in the lines of $30 or so max. The weather was grand, the fun and fellowship was even more grand, so all in all it was a winning day at the races!
Photo by Ralph Bower
Brian and Mary Carlson dressed in Model A era fashions with winning jockey "Mario Gutierrez". Winning horse was "Breeze's Storm" Photo by Ralph Bower

September 7th, 2009 - Ft. Langley Farm Museum - Article by Lois Williams

Lion’s Gate A’s met up on Labour Day Monday at the Ft Langley Farm Museum. There were 17 cars all together, some from the Lion’s Gate, some from the Pacific ‘A’s’. The weather was definitely ‘iffy’ as we all gathered on the road in front of the museum but as the morning progressed, so did the weather…for the good! Along with the tour of the Museum, there was the Small Engine Club display, hot buttered corn on the cob for sale, coffee / donuts and for the kids there was a petting zoo in a trailer with lots of little furry critters to pet and visit , thanks to the Aldor Acres farm family. The museum guides were great, explaining how the old machinery worked, encouraging questions and hands on demonstrations of some of the old implements. The ‘A’s’ created a display of their own with folks getting photos and looking under the hoods, getting into the rumble seats, with owner’s permission, of course! I think we as a club were very well received by the public as well as the Museum coordinators. One of the ‘A’s’ (Barry and Thora Burge’s) came towing Barry’s newly finished teardrop trailer (my favourite from the LeMay Museum tour!) so that created much examination from ‘A’ owners as well as the public. This might just start a ‘fad’ for Model A’s in the future to go RVing with the oldster cars pulling the teardrop trailers! Whooeee! We had lots of talk time, lots of car showing and many laughs over times past and present. Thanks to all that took the time to drive over and hopefully we’ll meet up at another outing again soon!


September 26th, 2009 - International Model A Day
Mike Chapman tour guide,
Article by Lois Williams

Great historical displays! Looks like a little weigh in for our guys?

Lynne is explaining the ways and means of the fishermen and how they handled their catch.

More fish processing. What else would one expect, but a 1934 Ford truck for haulin canned fish!

September 12th, 2009 - "Day at the Race Track" - Article by Lois Williams

Bob Taylor, Joan & Ralph Bower enjoying the day....


Rob Taylor, Tom Spouse and Dave Kettler watching
the races! Good friends, great fun!

Lions Gate Model A's proudly displayed!

Bryan Williams with his Model A.

Brian & Mary Carlson smartly dressed in Model A era attire, ready to hand out flowers to the winners of race 5, "The Lions Gate Model A Race".

Bob and Debbie Taylor enjoying the day
with their 1928 Phaeton.

Girls out for the day, celebrating a 25th birthday!


Little ones at the park were treated to a little
more than horse racing! Where's the keys?

Lions Gate members enjoying the sun and the races!

Picture perfect weather!

Lions Gate members reviewing the race program.


Watching the race with much intent...
A special "thank you" to Ralph Bower for inviting our club and making this day possible!
Our members and their cars were treated to a very memorable day!


September 7th, 2009 - Ft. Langley Farm Museum - Article by Lois Williams
Al Glen and Leon Lamothe inspect the tractors, "Old & New"
Petting Zoo for Kids of one kind or another!
Barry and Thora Burge’s home built "Tear Drop" trailer
Excellent Job Barry & Thora! Do you take orders?
Nice Looking Model A!
Yesterdays Farm Equipment!
Ok, now that were in the seat will we get to go for a ride?
Model A'rs admiring Jim DeWolf's Cabriolet!
Miniature Exhibit area enjoyed by all!
Lions Gate and Pacific A'rs sharing stores
Petting Zoo was a real winner!
A very rare item, this original hood ornament was great for instant hot water or letting off a little steam!


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