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2024 Events
July 17th. Ben & Gerry's Apple Pie & Ice Cream Run

Another beautiful summer day and what better way to spend it than with our Model A friends, a short tour to Birch Bay and home-made apple pie.

Thanks to Ben, Lillie, Gerry and Marge for hosting this event
April 24th. Spring Tech Workshop
Our first club event for 2024 was held at Al Glen's Shop in Surrey.

We only had a few Model A's and about a dozen or so men and ladies.
While the men did some tune-ups, socializing and a little mechanical work, the ladies enjoyed wine-tasting inside.

Frank and Gord's newly finished Vickie needed a timing adjustment. We could not get it restarted but eventually isolated the problem to a faulty ignition switch. A worthwhile learning lesson.


Tom Zalm's Tudor was running a little rough so we adjusted the timing. Unfortunately, we also could not get it restarted and ran the battery down.

We eventually had to resort to push starting Tom's car and after multiple efforts it finally fired up.


After all that pushing (and supervising) the guys enjoyed pizza lunch, while the ladies enjoyed wine and snacks inside.

Thanks to Al and Marion for hosting this event

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